About Us

Northern California based cannabis trichome farmers. We are dedicated to beyond organic farming practices and techniques which produce and encourage the best possible live soil cultivation environment. Manufacturing operations supporting Northern California’s small farmers and retail businesses.

Kailey – CEO & Director of Medicinal

Kailey Brown has over 20 years of experience as a registered nurse, RN. 10 of those years she operated as an executive level nurse manager in Geriatric, assisted living and residential care facilities.

In this position Kailey facilitates the education and use of cannabis as an alternative to many of the traditional pharmaceuticals that are prescribed. Kailey directs and executes the POM pure medical market aspect of our business. Cannabis education is a key element that Kailey brings to POM.

Jim Vattuone – President. Principal Engineer

Jim has extensive cannabis cultivation experience. He also has an extensive background in engineering, building, maintaining, planning, developing manufacturing processes and operating manufacturing facilities. 

He recently went from conception to delivery on another cannabis manufacturing lab. 

He has also participated in multiple startup businesses and cutting-edge medical device manufacturing operations. 

The combination of these skills are instrumental in driving this company.

Jim is also unique in his ability to work with and motivate the people he is involved with. This is a valuable and irreplaceable trait.

Samuel Sanchez – Vice President – Operations

Sam has over 25 years in operation knowledge and experience in soil, irrigation, cultivation and agricultural management practices. 

He has developed and managed ranch and rural properties for appropriate activities, bringing them to a “standard condition” for zoned use. 

Sam’s skill in accounting, people management, personnel development and state of the are cultivation techniques all give him the tools to bring the daily cultivation operations to their apex.

Sam’s cannabis experience spans more than 17 years.

Sam brings the skills and experience to manage, drive and get the best from the POM cultivation and manufacturing team. A primary asset that Sam carries out for POM is personnel management in all the aspects of cultivation and manufacturing.

Nathan Irvine – Director of Facilities

Nathan Irvine has near 20 years of experience as a commercial and residential large scale electrical journeyman, 10 years as a licensed contractor.

Nathan directs the activities for POM facilities. This includes new builds, improvements, security and maintenance. Nathan brings efficiency, elegance and power to POM.

Bobby McMurry – Chief Technology Officer

Bobby has cultivation experience with a background in Industrial Technology, Manufacturing, Computer Information Systems, and a state teaching credential. He has 25+ years working at a Silicon Valley Fortune 500 company with 10+ years in management experience. He enjoys programming, computer automations, and has been programming since 1981.

While attending Humboldt State University he started a computer business building custom computers for college students and maintained school computer systems.

Some of his passions include music, guitars, woodworking, cars, and motorcycles. He has his own wood shop where he likes to build guitars. He has previously worked at the Ernie Ball Music-Man guitar factory in San Luis Obispo where he contributed his skills to build guitars for Paul McCartney, Van Halen, Spinal Tap, Quiet Riot, The Dixie Dreggs, Scorpions, and Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers to name a few.

Zappa Montag – Director of Sales

Zappa Montag is an educator of 30 years in the San Francisco Bay area. Zappa has been cultivating and facilitating cannabis to patients and dispensaries for near 20 years.

Zappa brings education, understanding and perspective to POM. An asset that Zappa brings to POM is his connection and knowledge of Northern California cannabis, farms and cultivators.

Theresa. Avatar

Theresa Juras – Director of Manufacturing

Theresa Juras has been manufacturing cannabis and providing cannabis medicine for 30 years. Theresa has skills and experience in most all cannabis extraction processes and finished product manufacturing.

A key element that Theresa brings to POM is her portfolio of hundreds of different manufactured cannabis products.

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