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About Us

Northern California based cannabis trichome farmers. We are dedicated to beyond organic farming practices and techniques which produce and encourage the best possible live soil cultivation environment. Manufacturing operations supporting Northern California’s small farmers and retail businesses.

Kailey – CEO & Sales

Jim Vattuone – President. Principal Engineer

Jim has extensive cannabis cultivation experience. He also has an extensive background in engineering, building, maintaining, planning, developing manufacturing processes and operating manufacturing facilities. 

He recently went from conception to delivery on another cannabis manufacturing lab. 

He has also participated in multiple startup businesses and cutting-edge medical device manufacturing operations. 

The combination of these skills are instrumental in driving this company.

Jim is also unique in his ability to work with and motivate the people he is involved with. This is a valuable and irreplaceable trait.

Samuel Sanchez – Vice President – Operations

Sam has extensive knowledge and experience in soil, irrigation, cultivation and agricultural management practices. 

He has developed and managed ranch and rural properties for appropriate activities, bringing them to a “standard condition” for zoned use. 

Sam’s skill in accounting, people management, personnel development and state of the are cultivation techniques all give him the tools to bring the daily cultivation operations to their apex.

Sam’s cannabis experience spans longer than 17 years.

Nathan Irvine – Facilities Operations

Bobby Dee – Chief Technology Officer

Zappa – Sales Director

Theresa. Avatar

Theresa Juras – Cold Water Extraction, Edibles

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